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Myanmar Catholic Church
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Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar (CBCM)

Office of Social Communication (OSC)


We, the Episcopal Commission for Social Communication, Myanmar envision ourselves to be: “An efficient coordinating National Office of Social Communication contributing to the growth and development of effective evangelizing and pastoral communication in Myanmar.


We commit ourselves to: Facilitate communication formation and training, providing professional support in the evangelizing and pastoral communication ministry of CBCM and all the arch/diocese structures of the Church through media, technical service, and networking and information dissemination. Be at the service of all the arch/diocese through the means of Social Communication in order to support their evangelizing and pastoral communication Apostolate. Be a Networking with media practitioners, other churches and religious through seminars, workshops, get-together, and others.



The President or Chairman of (CBCM-OSC) is a Bishop whose term has no time limit. The National Director or coordinator is appointed for 3 years term which is renewable. The (UNDA/ OCIC) was launched in January 1977 under the guidance of CBCM. The very first president was the late His Grace Archbishop Alphonse U Than Aung of Mandalay Archdiocese and Rev. Fr. Anthony from Taunggu Diocese was his coordinator.

In 1981 - 1985, His Excellency Bishop Paul Zinghtung Grawng of Myitkyina diocese succeeded Archbishop Alphonse became the president of Episcopal Commission for Social Communication, Myanmar (CBCM-OSC). In 1985 – 2000, His Excellency Bishop Isaac Danu, Bishop of Taungngu Diocese succeeded Bishop Paul Zinghtung Grawng, Myitkyina Diocese, as a president of (OSC) and Rev. Fr. Stephen Maung Cho (Pathien Diocese) was the coordinator from 1985 -1989, Rev. Fr. Raphael Mahn Thakhalein of the same Diocese (1989 -1999) and Rev. Fr. Martin Aye Ngwe (Pathein Diocese) 2000–2003, were coordinators for (OSC). Sr. Rosie (SFX) was appointed as in charge of sound recording, production and succeeded by Sr. Yolanda (SFX). Sr. Dominic Mya Than (Reparation Sister) was also appointed as a responsible person for literature service.

In 2001, His Excellency Bishop Peter Hla (Pe Khon Diocese) succeeded Bishop Isaac Danu as a Chairman of National Social Communication Commission, Myanmar. In 2002, (CBCM-OSC) had a remarkable celebration of its 25th Anniversary of Silver Jubilee as it had stepped over all its hardships. In the 1st July 2004, Rev. Fr. Benedict Htay Lwin (Yangon Diocese) was appointed as a coordinator for and collaborated by Bro, Henry (SFX), Sr. Dominic (Reparation Sister) and Easter Ayesandar and Elizabeth Ayepale.

In 1st July 2011, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Myanmar appointed a religious Priest Rev. Fr. Leo Neng Khan Mang (SDB) as a new National Director for Episcopal Commission for Social Communication of Myanmar. In 2015, His Excellency Bishop Peter Luious Ca Ku (Keng Tung Diocese) succeeded Bishop Peter Hla as a Chairman of National Social Communication Commission, Myanmar.


The (CBCM-OSC) Office is situated in the compound of CBCM. It has three rooms: one for office, one for computer, one for audio editing room. Now, it shares its rooms with the Commission of Biblical Apostolate and Myanmar Catholic HIV/AIDS Network. There are printing presses in Yangon, Pathein, Taungoo, Mandalay and Myitkyina. The Xaverian brothers are running a high quality press in Yangon. The Catholic Literature Commission is functioning independently in the CBCM compound. It provides translation, publication and distribution of Catholic literature. The Myokyethu (the Sower) which is the monthly Catholic journal published in Myanmar, and the UCAN News also functions independently.

Social Communication (SIGNIS) offices are set up in Yangon, Pathein, Taunggyi, Loikaw, Mandalay, Myitkyina and Kalay providing translation, video, and recording for Radio Veritas Asia (RVA). Recording is done in Karen language at the offices in Yangon and Pathein, Myanmar language in Mandalay, Kachin language in Myitkyina, and Chin language in Kalay. The office in the CBCM compound offers media services daily from Monday to Friday for those who request to have some VCDs, DVDs on religious matters. Courses on Media Education are given occasionally at the request of some groups or organizations.

His Excellency Bishop Peter Hla,------------Pekhon Diocese
vice president
His Eminence Cardinal Charles Bo,------------RVA Myanmar Services
bishop member
His Excellency Francis Daw Tang,------------RVA Kachin Service
bishop member
His Excellency Felix L K Thang,------------RVA Chin Services
bishop member
His Excellency Bishop John Hsane Hgyi,------------RVA Karen Services
executive secretary
Rev. Fr. Paulinus Myat Kyaing,------------CBCM
Rev. Fr. Bernard Dashi Tang,------------RVA Program Director
Rev. Fr. Lawrance Eh Law Soe (Yangon Archdiocese)
Rev. Fr. William Soe (Pathein Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Mariano Hla Ko (Pyay Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Augustine Shwe (Mawlamyine Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Anselm Nay Zaw Oo (Pha-An Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Henry Brang Mai (Mandalay Archdiocese)
Rev. Fr. Philip Z H Lian (Hakha Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung (Kalay Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Peter Kha Aung Tu (Myitkyina Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Philip Naw Ring (Banmaw Diocese)
Rev. Fr. James Bang Ja ( Lashio Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Anthony Lio (Taunggyi Archdiocese)
Rev. Fr. Thomas Chit Thar (Pekhon Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Francis Soe Naing (Loikaw Diocese)
Rev. Fr. Saw Ruby (Taungngu Diocese)
Francis Aung Min Naung (Myokyethu)
Rev. Fr. Dominic Wun Kyaw Htwe (Keng Tung Diocese)
executive secretary
Rev. Fr. Paulinus Myat Kyaing
Episcopal Commission for Social Communication, Myanmar.
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar (CBCM)
292(A) Pyay Road, Sanchaung P.O,.
Yangon 11111,

Tel : (+95 1) 525808
Email : cbcmosc@gmail.com,

Office Hour

Monday to Friday
8:30 A.M – 11:30 A.M
2:00 P.M – 4:30 P.M

Social Communication - Pastoral Consultative Seminar

The Episcopal Commission for Social Communication - Pastoral Consultative Seminar workshop was called and held from 18th – 22nd June 2012 at Yangon.

Objectives of the Seminar

a) To be aware of the present media situation in Asia and in Myanmar;

b) To develop a sustainable organizational structure/framework of NOSC and arch/ diocesan, and strategic Social Communication planning;

c) To integrate Radio Veritas Asia-Myanmar Services1 as the project of CBCM for her both mission ad intra and mission ad extra.

d) To appreciate and work with SIGNIS2 as an Arm of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (Propaganda Fidei) in sharing Jesus Christ with people of all faiths through communication ministry;

e) To collect data for Handbook of Operation of CBCM- NOSC in relation to Arch/diocesan Social Communication offices of the Church in Myanmar;

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